quintessential British: tailors collection

For our Tailors Collection we selected flannels from the British Standeven - who since 1885 weave in their West Yorkshire mill and wash and press the precious fabrics with mountain water from the Pennine Hills. 

The flannels (Chalk Stripe ánd Windowpane Checks) were given a double mill finishing so that all the fibers in the worsted yarn jumped up. The lamplight lingers beautifully on this soft woollen surface that gives the lamps a warm snug appearance.

As with bespoke tailoring our lamps too are handcrafted to order in a fabric of your choice.

Originally Bīkon was designed as a table lamp for a restaurant: it feels at home on the table and creates a lot of atmosphere - making a candle unnecessary. But the small lamp is also perfect for lighting up dark corners. It does not take up much space, probably it will fits in the bookcase and certainly on a windowsill or mantelpiece. Bīkon is a pleasantly soft bedside lamp as well or a buddy next to the laptop, cozy if work never seems finished...

Doshī was designed as a lamp next to the sofa or at the head of the bed. It is made to shine just solo. In pairs, so a lamp to the left and right of the bed or sofa, is of course a real classic arrangement. 

Doshī has just the right height, it looks good on a nightstand or side table. It looks beautiful and certainly a bit elegant on a high console table. On an extra wide desk or work table this lamp wil evoke admiration.

Hippī is designed as a floor lamp. The narrow high shade gives the lamp a tiny bit of a sixties retro twist. Hippī also looks good on a low table-bench, as in the photo. And recently we saw him on a dresser, unexpected but very beautiful. Hippī is 93,5x32x32 cm (hxwxd)

For the Tailors Collection we also made this short video clip: 'our art of making lamps'. Turn on your speakers!