The maintenance of the lamps is very simple: vacuuming. Use the furniture nozzle or small brush that usually comes with a vacuum cleaner. Set the suction power to low or open the slider on the vacuum cleaner hose. For the lamps in Corduroy (corduroy): move carefully with the nap of the fabric, for the hoods it is from bottom to top.


Do not place the fabric lamps in full sun to avoid strong discoloration. Fabrics may lighten over time. As with new jeans, the lamps in jeans can give off on light colored, rough surfaces - but this did not happen on smooth surfaces.


When replacing the lamp, only use an LED lamp, then the lamp is absolutely safe! See below our suggestions for LED lamps per lamp.


Lamp shades have an overlap, a seam - there is no other way. Always turn this seam back, out of sight. By slightly unscrewing the top ring on the tapped fitting neck, the shade can rotate. It is easier if the LED lamp is removed from the fitting first. Tighten the screw ring again after adjusting the shade.


Is the lamp set in on the right place? Finally, the shade can be properly straightened. There is a mechanism incorporated in the lamp base that makes this possible very precisely. Place two (clean!) fingers of one hand on the top edge and two fingers of the other hand on the bottom edge. Now carefully move the hood into the correct position. The mechanism can tilt in all directions.


The correct LED lamp is already in it. Plug in the power cord and turn on the cord switch. Enjoy the lamp!


Bīkon: LED, 240 Volt, 3, 5 Watt - kleur: goud - kleine fitting, E14. Merk Calex

Doshī: LED 240 Volt, 6,5 watt - kleur: goud - grote fitting, E27. Merk Calex

Hippī: LED, 240 Volt, 6,5 Watt - kleur: extra warm white - grote fitting, E27. Merk Schiefer Lighting